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News! Updates and More!

cade21799 a posted Aug 17, 14
Recently, since the server wide reset, there have been a NUMBER of complaints that have to do with servers not being up. This is NOTED, we also see this, since the reset, all worlds, kits, and plugin data have all been deleted! We are working hard on getting everything back up and in order for network to run to its fullest extent! This also brings up another issue, users are asking the for kits, permissions and other cosmetic items they have, or may have had previous to the world reset. We are also working on that, uploading files, and sorting out to tech that follows takes a bit of time to get everything perfect. Java, Boud, many others, and I have been working countless hours preparing the servers to be fully operational within a matter of days to a few weeks! Until then, there may be temporary spawn, kits and other donor items that will be in replace to the items lost! But rest assured that the network will be back and better than ever in the upcoming weeks! Thank you all for being patient! <3 


~ Cade, and JavaLegacy Staff
chewbaccaMC115 I bought 1000 points but i cant buy any kits on kitpvp what should i do !!
EMJYchick13 Hi Guys just letting you know that whilst you have been receiving a few complaints I have also been getting very positiv ...
yimbo34 Oh ...


javaworld a posted Aug 14, 14
I've decided to do something huge for the network. The plan is to wipe out the server and create everything new. Meaning new spawns, new arenas, new everything. Don't worry, everyones ranks will not be reset.
JavaLegacy 2.0!

This will take lots of time and effort on my part but don't worry! This will all be worth the time in the end!

- New kits
- New spawns
- New arenas
- New kitpvp system

We will post updates at,, and Twitter #JavaLegacy
Ryanraj999 Guys wait the server will be up the admins and java world are working on it
Kitten_Smitten I just spent weeks on a new faction. has the best name. it even has its own website. this is makng me consider scuicide. ...
AffectedEye227 But I do have faith in the fact that youll be bringing alot of great things to javas table.

History now says

javaworld a posted Aug 14, 14
This has got to be the most worst mark in the history of JavaLegacy.
Unfortunately, the server's world data has been corrupt mostly on almost all servers.
We will work are hardest to rebuild it into the server it was before.

I am so sorry for some of you that are upset with this unfortunate issue.

- William Jiho Son

All well. Optimism.

javaworld a posted Aug 14, 14
There are fun times in the server like killing your friend in a 1v1. But today is especially sad for me. The hub spawn I've been working on for the past 3 weeks is now gone. This depresses me. But I will work towards making a hub even better than the one you saw. I am dedicating my time to this community <3

This especially makes me want to cry but I will have to deal with it. :/

Comments of encouragement would be helpful.

- William Jiho Son
kingkye I have bee working on a few builds on my own and I would like to give you a two (one for survival and one for the hub). ...
teedberjoe57 I'm confidant that you can make a better more AWESOME hub then before!
TrueTDStar Don't worry William everyone will try their best to help the server!

Drop party in KitPVP

javaworld a posted Aug 9, 14

If the donation goal reaches 100%..

We will launch a drop party in KitPVP.
This includes Golden Apples, Potions, and Donator kits.
This will be hosted by TrueTDStar!

freeminer28 I can't donate.... ): (if you are a younger minecraft player, you will understand)
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