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Everything explained

javaworld a posted Mon at 23:55
Everything explained

All players of JavaLegacy, at the moment there have been a barrage of questions and queries about certain topics.
Lets start with the ban list.
William has informed staff members that at the moment the command /tempban is bugged. It will keep repeating the process everytime the ban has finished, William and all staff members are working as hard as possible to fix this bug so please be patient!
Secondly, the EULA
This is a big one as the EULA is coming into enforcement more than likely. Like one of the staff members said
"The staff have been discussing this. Yes, it will be hard to keep the server running so we may have to cut back. Donation ranks will still be up, however a lot of perks will unfortunatly be lost. We know this is very unfair, but we simply can't do anything. These EULA rules were set by Mojang/Minecraft and if we break them, it will mean the end of the server. There isn't a final decision on what is going to be altered regarding the server, but we will update everyone as soon as that decision is made." -TwiisTted.
Server resets have been going around as well. Every server that resets is for a reason, javaworld does not do it for the fun of it, recently skyblock and survival were reset, they were reset due to hacked in items, glitches and unbalanced economy. These ruin the fun of the "survival" aspect of the server and make it ordinary to find a player with a stack of diamond blocks for example.
The staff try their hardest to stop these from happening but unfortunately some players are the cause of it and then they complain afterwards as to why it happened.
So I tell all the players on behalf of the JavaLegacy staff that we are doing our hardest to make sure that everything will be neat and tidy as soon as possible, in the mean time we will appreciate it if all players could please not ask staff members repeatable about these issues.
On behalf of the JavaLegacy staff we thank you for your patience and contribution to this server!

-Written by TrueTDStar
circuitbreaker7 The fact that you can't do anything is simply BS, Mojang simply cannot enforce this. They are just trying to make a stan ...
circuitbreaker7 About the EULA I have a server as well and I found a solution: simply ignore EULA. Notch even said if you keep it down ...

Bending tutorial

javaworld a posted Jul 14, 14

All credits to
Azermage for making an awesome tutorial!
You can find these links on the "Informations" tab! "Bending tutorial"

This is an Air bending tutorial

This is an Water bending tutorial

This is an Fire bending tutorial

This is an Earth bending tutorial

If you can, please check out Bella Leddy's story and donate to her cancer funds!!!

Thanks ~ JavaLegacy Staff
creeperzone2000x Why is the Bending server down?


javaworld a posted Jul 13, 14

Lets start with the good news! The server has been updated to 1.7.10!
We also got the Poke plugin back into the hub server! YaY!
Okay now the bad news... The pet plugin will be outdated and unusable for a bit until the plugin creator updates it

If you can, please check out Bella Leddy's story and donate to her cancer funds!!!

Thanks ~ JavaLegacy Staff
circuitbreaker7 Know any java? If you do you can monkey around with the code and bypass the version requirement. Don't forget to /ecupda ...
kingkye TrueTDStar the old hub won't be coming back to what I know, but I think William is working on a newer one. =D
TrueTDStar Great! Do you know when the old hub will be back online though?

Survival Games

javaworld a posted Jul 11, 14
Survival Games

Survival Games is now public to JavaLegacy!
To join and play
Simply do /sg to join the SurvivalGames lobby
We currently only have one SG server /sg1
But we will create more :)

TrueTDStar Can't wait until it gets alot of people on it! I have played 2 or 3 games with others so far!
SlyGuy911 Good I love some sg!
tocool20 Will prison be back?

JavaCraft survival!

javaworld a posted Jul 7, 14
JavaCraft Survival!

We have another server to join called JavaCraft!
This server a seperate survival server that is not linked to our current network JavaLegacy.
The IP is

The website for JavaCraft is

Enjoi and have fun!

X_xLeblancx_X Java, can I get my 32 horse spawn eggs? I purchased it b4
jimboevan java when do i get my skyblock block stuff the 100k and house eggs JAVA come on
Soonergirl10 Java Why did you HUMP ME
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