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Player count

javaworld a posted 24 hours ago
Player count

Recently, the server has been getting low as 10 players. Well I'm here to tell you that this is bad news. This will lead to the server growth decreasing.

We will have voting competitions every month including this month "October".
What's the point of voting? The point of voting is to rise up the server list, this will get more people to click on the server and join. Voting will also give you rewards on the server including diamonds, XP, other items, and money!


javaworld a posted Sat at 15:49
Lack of Donations

We are running low on donations. Meaning in the next 15 days or so, if we do not have the amount of funds required, the server will shut down. If you want to support please donate :)
FatAsianGuy Click on donate then choose a rank and pay with your pay pal account
CingKreeper How do u donate? i would like to, i love this server
javaworld a Thank you everyone for supporting the network! I feel the love!


javaworld a posted Oct 16, 14

Votes now work on Faction

You now get diamonds, XP bottles, money, and God apples for voting!

Why vote?
Voting helps the server rise on the server list to help the server get more players and population. Also voting will give you rewards and give you a chance to win a free rank everyone once a month!

Obsidian durability

javaworld a posted Oct 3, 14
Obsidian durability

We have added durability to obsidian.
Look below for the statistics for damge and durability and how much damage an item can do.

Why did we add this feature?
Answer: Why not? this makes factions more fun meaning you will have a way of raiding bases made of blocks immune to TNT and explosions. Have fun in the server, we will be adding shops, and an official spawn to the server! You can check for updates at and or even this website!

Obsidian durability: 16

Damage statistics

TNT: 1

Cannons: 2

Creeper: 4

Charged creeper: 6

Bodi1206 You know what would make factions better? Answer: MCMMO ...
TwiisTted Finally!

Vote winners!

javaworld a posted Sep 30, 14
Voting winners!

This month's winners are the following people below!

1st - Supreme

146 votes

2nd - Exclusive

144 votes

3rd - Premium

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