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javaworld a posted Thu at 21:24

Votes now work on Faction

You now get diamonds, XP bottles, money, and God apples for voting!

Why vote?
Voting helps the server rise on the server list to help the server get more players and population. Also voting will give you rewards and give you a chance to win a free rank everyone once a month!

Obsidian durability

javaworld a posted Oct 3, 14
Obsidian durability

We have added durability to obsidian.
Look below for the statistics for damge and durability and how much damage an item can do.

Why did we add this feature?
Answer: Why not? this makes factions more fun meaning you will have a way of raiding bases made of blocks immune to TNT and explosions. Have fun in the server, we will be adding shops, and an official spawn to the server! You can check for updates at and or even this website!

Obsidian durability: 16

Damage statistics

TNT: 1

Cannons: 2

Creeper: 4

Charged creeper: 6

Bodi1206 You know what would make factions better? Answer: MCMMO ...
TwiisTted Finally!

Vote winners!

javaworld a posted Sep 30, 14
Voting winners!

This month's winners are the following people below!

1st - Supreme

146 votes

2nd - Exclusive

144 votes

3rd - Premium

Building team.

javaworld a posted Sep 30, 14
We are looking for excellent, and efficient builders. Build in the plots in the creative server and post an application on the forums in "Building Team App"
We will be looking into the plots and deciding who gets in or not.

FatAsianGuy Wow i dont
FatAsianGuy Do I have a glowing name too?
TrueTDStar Good luck guys me and William will be looking at the plots and your applications!


javaworld a posted Sep 17, 14
A bug has been fixed! and yes the bug everyone has been yelling at me for. The mobs are now spawning and yes this includes the monsters.

Have fun and do whatever. Just don't hog the  apple pie
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