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A few Updates!

TrueTDStar a posted Sun at 19:18
Hello Legends!

I am here today to bring you a few little updates, firstly that we are having ANOTHER 50% OFF SALE!! in the store because we think you need to get the swaggiest gear for the cheapest price!  We have a new hub in progress and Kit-PvP will be up and running by the end of this week or next week. New kits and items are being implemented for your enjoyment so please be patient while we work on getting it sorted out. At the moment survival has gone down due to to a bug so please be patient whilst we try to fix it! Remember to vote for the server so we get new players and then more updates can come! 

-TrueTDStar and the JavaLegacy Staff
FluffyBacca1999 Nice to see another sale on the server, I may buy some stuff if it is still on this weekend.


TrueTDStar a posted Jan 21, 15
Hello Legends!

I'm here today to tell you that JavaLegacy is running smoothly and well. I am so proud that all of you have helped me and each other keep this server up. We all worked on donating now we have a HUGE task that is vitally important for the server's survival. Voting. Voting is just as important as donating. The more votes we get the more popular and the more players thus the cycle starts again. I want all players to start voting alot more and if we see an increase in votes we will start bumping up vote rewards and voting rewards for survival will be added soon. So get your voting on, set your timers for everyday because voting is going to reward you alot more soon. The voting links are down below. Thank you all and if all players would do this I will make sure you are rewarded on behalf of me and the staff. Thank you very much.
-TrueTDStar and the JavaLegacy Staff Team

Voting link #1
Voting link #2
Voting link #3
Voting link #4
Voting link #5

Vote Points

TrueTDStar a posted Jan 17, 15
Hello Legends!

So it has come to my attention that some people are not getting vote points, well I want to make sure that you have completed the steps required to getting them. Okay, so most people get enjin for points. But when you vote after making a fresh enjin account you don't get points! Well I'll show you how to get your points. First go to your profile, then there should be 'other' click it. after click characters. Then click 'add character' then click minecraft, then run minecraft if it isn't running. Then go to multi player, direct connect and then add this ip. mclogin.enjin.com then join the server. wait for a weird code to appear. I suggest you write the code down on a paper. then enter the code in 'add code'. Once you have registered your account, vote on at least one website. Now go to javalegacy, if you have registered your account it should say the norm. But then it should say, added 10 points to console the amount of times you have voted. This is how it should be setup and how points work correctly. Being on the hub usually helps greatly. Starting next month the top voting rank will receive Legacy! This month will be Supreme as top rank and as follows. 
-TrueTDStar and the JavaLegacy Staff team
tugrockz99 Thank you
Lab_Tino Dammit thrir....I MEANT THEIR XD
Lab_Tino i made a meme for this click mah link http://i.imgur.com/Aqqend4.jpg click it. It will help people who want points ...

Factions Bug

TrueTDStar a posted Jan 4, 15
Hello Legends!

At the moment there is a bug with 1.8 on factions where all armor stands are buggy. They disappear due to them being recognised as an entity. So I urge you not to place your best armor in them as you will lose them. As for some people placing them at spawn it has been taken care of so if you see any other bugs please message a member of staff so we can fix it! 
-JavaLegacy Staff
Kacy I am sorry about not my playing on Java recently. My computer needs a new graphics card and such so I can't run 1.8. I c ...

Amazing effort!

TrueTDStar a posted Jan 1, 15
Hello Legends!

I am glad to announce once again that with your support and care we have enough donations to go one more month! We also have a  50% OFF SALE! 
It has also only been 1 day into the new year and we have already raised $205 USD! I am so happy to see that our community and players are getting back together and have so much faith in this server, we have lost a few along the way but they are coming back and I thank them greatly. Now onto business. All donator ranks in the upcoming weeks will be getting some changes. For all you awesome Legacy Ranks you have not even got half your perks and will be getting alot in the next 2 weeks. Supreme to legacy right now is $20 so I suggest you take the opportunity. Once again I am so proud that I have the opportunity to travel with all you players on this journey and work hard to achieve our goal. Java will live on and me and the staff will work with you players to make sure this happens. Remember also that if players vote daily we can get more popularity and new players! So we will be having a voting competition and the winners will receive the following.

1st-Legacy Rank
2nd- Supreme
3rd- Elite Rank

So get your voting competition on and the previous winners will be given their ranks in the upcoming days. If you have any problems or questions regarding the server do not hesitate to contact me or another staff member. Long Live Java! <3
Lab_Tino What about last months voting compitition???? None of the winners got there ranks!!!!!!!!