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TrueTDStar a posted 18 hours ago

I am so EXCITED to announce that JavaLegacy has some AMAZING updates!!! On behalf of the staff we have been working hard to create new gear and awesome items! Firstly the introduction of the new
Legacy kit and rank! Both right now are obtainable from the shop with a 30% discount due to the festive season! The gear is insane and the best JavaLegacy has seen in a while! Also at the time of posting this we are holding a celebration event tomorrow due to the festive season. We will be doing drop parties and playing minigames along with giving out 1 Supreme rank! We have also added the ability to purchase a base build for factions! When purchasing this you will get into contact with an Admin and have a swaggy base built for you in factions! All players on factions now have access to /kit daily and you receive basic raiding tools. Donators get access to /kit daily+ which gives you a bit of a competitive edge against other players and a few extra resources. Right now factions and survival have /kit legacy and it will be added to more servers soon. Supreme players and those who purchase the legacy kit will have a 5 day cooldown whereas the legacy ranks get a 1 day cooldown and trust me the gear is amazing!! We also suggest stacking up on your vote points because they are about to help you purchase the most OP gear on the server!! Start voting or purchase them cheap on the server store now during the sale! Unfortunately kitpvp is going through technical difficulties and new updates so it will be closed for the time being but when it is back you will see amazing things!

TonyMinecraft811 @ JavaLegacy Hub
Like Arkham Network for example, Joker is like $400 because of the Holiday special, the Legacy rank is not a bad price c ...
FluffyBacca1999 Making us pay another $40 for a new rank will not keep us on this server. It was never about ranks it was about how fun ...

1.8 for JavaLegacy!

javaworld a
javaworld @ JavaLegacy Hub
posted Sat at 14:44
1.8 Update

The network is finally updated to 1.8! The will now be able to use 1.8 blocks, and have fun with new 1.8 animals such as a bunny. We're also building new spawns! Have a nice winter break everyone!

- William
Ryanraj999 o I have to play at 1.8 now
TrueTDStar a We got dat bunny swag yo

Seasons Greetings!

TrueTDStar a posted Dec 8, 14
Hello Legends!

JavaLegacy is now swinging into Christmas time and on behalf of myself and the staff we are so excited to spread the holiday cheer! There is one problem however there are many elves running amok on the server giving presents to players so don't be surprised in the upcoming weeks if you wake up with a present on your doorstep! We hope these holidays everyone spreads the Christmas cheer and that you all look after each other! There is a christmas sale on right now as well so don't forget to donate! If you see Santa on the server don't forget to say hi as well!

-TrueTDStar and the JavaLegacy Staff Team
Kacy Hey Guys! Uoflfan here. I'm going to be spending time with family these next 4 or 5 days so I won't be on. I hope when I ...
Gibbyrox69 Hey True. Idk if i added the right guy on skype or not.... Soo uhhh just add me if you didn't get it. My name is Gibbyro ...
dproska20 Thanx for the present!

I'm back...

[Admin] cade21799 a posted Nov 13, 14
Hello Legends! Big Papa is back in the house!!!! Thanks to all the staff that have taken my place these last few months since school has started!!!! I am back, and ready to fulfill my role as the Head Administrator and ready to get back into the swing of things!
Everything will flow smoothly, I am also doing advertisements for the server throughout YouTube/Facebook/Twitter and Instagram! We will grow into what we used to be! With new spawns, maps/arenas and staff, lets make this the JavaLegacy it used to be, thus be the best!
Bunnies_Hotcocoa Awesome! ...
MCkyleSlasher wow cade u have done good!
LincolnEditor Nice work cade!
Recently, I have been working extra hard these last few weeks since school has started to stay ahead in class. I have not been on as much as I used too, for this I'm sorry :( I will try to get on more and more, I have heard about the server problem about not enough people getting on, and if the server shuts down while I am gone, I am sorry and I will miss you! I hope this never happens but just incase it does. I will try to be on more often!
MuteMC @ JavaLegacy Creative
One factor about the low players is people going to school and schoolwork. People can be very busy and not have enough t ...
FatAsianGuy Gud Gaime TrueTDStar
TrueTDStar a SwegHamster