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Hello Legends!

I will keep this short and sweet for all of you. The rules of the server are being taken too lightly by players so I have combined and written up the Official Network rules. Read them on this forum post and please learn them. Thank you all

-TrueTDStar and the JavaLegacy Staff

------>Rules Here!<------

WeloveOmar I WILL DONATE! Look, I know this isn't a proper application because you guys took it down, If I could be staff, as in ge ...
Bunnies_Hotcocoa TrueTDStar did you see my post before?

Hello Legends!

Hello players of the JavaLegacy Network, I am giving everyone the opporutnity to apply as a builder. Build on creative and show me and the staff your plots. We need alot of things built asap and we want you all to help. If you are experienced with building and have some detailed builds you can show us by all means show any staff member. 

-TrueTDStar and the JavaLegacy Staff

A revolution is in the making....

ernie6999 Cade I love your enthusiasm but I haven't seen you on the server since you posted your so called comeback. Can we please ...
Obzidian That was rude TheAlmightyLord... Anyways, WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO OMINOUS! Lol now I'm excited!
TheAlmightyLord So is anything decent going to happen or are you and William going to kill the server even more?


cade21799 a posted Feb 8, 15

Finally I can come backto the server! Due to comlications with internet on my PC and Athletics at school (during and after) I was not able to complete my job as the Admin :( But I am back!!! If you need any contacting, email me at affiliate.theg4mertags@gmail.com! 

sponger66 dang is the building thing up?
TrueTDStar Thank Jesus finally someone to actually help me lol.

Name Changes

TrueTDStar posted Feb 4, 15

Hello Legends!


Many of you may know that Mojang has realeased the ability to change your name! However I need to let you know that when changing it you might be under some problems when it comes to survival etc. With private signs etc your new name will not work so I strongly suggest keeping it the same otherwise it will cause some trouble for you. If you have organised it properly then no problem but be aware that staff do not want to have to deal with this issue 24/7 so please be prepared. If you need help you can just message a member of staff.

Blazing_Bella I disagree with the fact that players should get to change their usernames in general. it just perplexes people, and on ...