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HELLO players of JavaLegacy. I thank you on behalf of the whole staff team in regards to your patience with getting the server back up and running. However I want you players to have the experience of making the server get back to its original state. So!I am hosting a competition. On the creative server. I want players to build maps, amazing maps for each part of the server. You can make a map or spawn for whatever server you like*. I will be choosing several maps that I think are worthy and will submit them to William, if it gets approved I will take it upon myself to buy you something from the store*! So good luck and remember to comment below your plot id, IGN (remember people can help you but the owner of the plot gets the prize) and which server it is for. The competition will end on the 13/09/2014 AEDT. After that I will be locking this thread and only visiting the plots which have been mentioned below! Thank you and have fun building!

*The servers you can build for are any server except Factions and creative. The prize/s people can win from the shop range from- rank upgrades, ranks or 2 items from a specific part of the server! If you already have a rank you will only receive a rank upgrade to the rank that is one higher then yours. If you do not have a donor rank you will receive one between Member--->Exclusive

british_swift ign:british_swift id: 10;0 it's for skyblock and I hop I can still submit!
Vote competition

The voting will last from September 1st to September 30th!

These are the rewards you will receive for being the top three voters of July!

#1 Supreme rank

#2 Exclusive rank

#3 Premium rank

Get your voting habit ready!
Mr_DJ_Bear When will it start -Mr_DJ_Bear is back
Ryanraj999 I am an exclusive now and I get the premium rank will you change it to a lower rank
Ryanraj999 If i win premium can i give it to my friend
Who wants a mingames server added to the network!?!?!?!? William and I will read the comments! Vote Yay or nay!
Ryanraj999 Yay yay yay ya yay
tocool20 YAY F'ING YAY ...

Vote winners!

javaworld a posted Aug 30, 14
Voting winners!

This month's winners are the following people below!

1st - Supreme

65 votes
2nd - Exclusive

63 votes
3rd - Premium

58 votes
MCkyleSlasher but this month just started
Recently, since the server wide reset, there have been a NUMBER of complaints that have to do with servers not being up. This is NOTED, we also see this, since the reset, all worlds, kits, and plugin data have all been deleted! We are working hard on getting everything back up and in order for network to run to its fullest extent! This also brings up another issue, users are asking the for kits, permissions and other cosmetic items they have, or may have had previous to the world reset. We are also working on that, uploading files, and sorting out to tech that follows takes a bit of time to get everything perfect. Java, Boud, many others, and I have been working countless hours preparing the servers to be fully operational within a matter of days to a few weeks! Until then, there may be temporary spawn, kits and other donor items that will be in replace to the items lost! But rest assured that the network will be back and better than ever in the upcoming weeks! Thank you all for being patient! <3 


~ Cade, and JavaLegacy Staff
marcohurdler I'm trying to be patient, but any idea on when it is going to be back up and running? Or at least some sort of update? ...
chewbaccaMC115 I bought 1000 points but i cant buy any kits on kitpvp what should i do !!
EMJYchick13 Hi Guys just letting you know that whilst you have been receiving a few complaints I have also been getting very positiv ...
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